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North Central Region SARE Professional Development Program

Travel Scholarship Application

Please Note: If you are selected for a SARE travel scholarship you will be asked to complete a survey immediately after the conference/event. You will also be asked, 6-12 months after the conference/event on how (client questions, newsletters, field days, etc.) you used the information in your work and the number of farmers/educators with whom you shared the information.

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Application Questions

1. Please rate your current knowledge level on this topic:
  No knowledge
  Beginner -- Some knowledge but not enough to teach or answer most technical questions.
  Knowledgeable -- can provide some technical information on the topic but could know more.
  Expert -- confident of your abilities to provide technical advice and teach on this topic.

2. What do you expect to learn from this conference or event?

3. How do you plan to use this new information in your work? Check all that are applicable.
  Answer client questions
  Individual Consultation
  Develop new contacts and partners for work
  Incorporate new ideas and information into regular programming
  Develop Special Programming on this topic
  Use in newsletters, newspaper columns, or radio shows

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