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2013 Food, Fuel and Fiber Network Tour & Workshop

2013 Food, Fuel and Fiber Network Tour & Workshop
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U of I/ Dudley Smith Farm site - Cover Crops & Tropical Maize / Gentry and Letterly

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U of I/ Dudley Smith Farm site - Biomass Heat and Power & Feedstock Production /  Letterly, Solomon and Lee

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U of I/ Dudley Smith Farm site - Miscanthus, Tropical Maize – Dual Purposed  Prairie Cordgrass & Switchgrass / Gentry, Vincent, Steckler and  Letterly

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U of I/ Dudley Smith Farm site - Climate Study Project / Bernacchi and Miller 

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Big M Berry Patch – Vegetable & Fruit Crop Production/ u-pick and local fresh market

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Big M Berry Patch – Big M Manufacturing/ Biomass power systems and design

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Prairie Fruit Farm - Evening meal and tour

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IHotel - EBI Symposium program Wednesday a.m.

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Energy Farm - EBI Symposium - Energy Farm Tour

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Solar Decathlon House - Department Tour #1

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Erosion Training Center - Department Tour #2

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Fruit Farm and Student Sustainability Farm - Department Tour # 3

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Hendrick House  - Evening meal and rooftop tour

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Hendrick House  - State Reporting

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IHotel - EBI Symposium program Thursday a.m.

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Charleston - E I U Energy Center

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The 2014 Carbon, Energy, and Climate Conference will be hosted by Iowa State University, September 23-25.  Please help us plan the agenda by responding to the poll below.  Please check all topics that are of high interest to you.

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Topic Area

Science of carbon, nitrogen and soil

Sharing resources/ideas re: energy, carbon and climate between states and regional and Bioenergy CAP programs

Bioenergy crop research

Biomass logistics/value chains

Cellulosic biofuel production

Social and Economic issues (contract/lease/tenure/certification/incentives/economics

Cover crops

Optimizing bioenergy crops for biomass and conservation/nutrient management

Livestock/wildlife as part of sustainable biobased systems

Biochar production and utilization in horticulture and agriculture

Conservation farming



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